We can help you see the bigger picture, solve problems creatively, and, manage your project up to its completion. The work process is made up of 4 distinct phases.

The first part involves working out area requirements, cost of the project, and consultancy fees based on the initial brief we get from you. At this point, we also send you our detailed scope of works; break up of fees and time frames for the table work.
The second part is the most intensive and involves interactive sessions between client, architect and consultants. We present initial design concepts with sketches. Different options for eco friendly and cost effective building techniques are discussed. Construction time frames and budgets are considered before choosing and integrating specific alternative energy systems, landscaping ideas and waste water recycling in the design.

The third part of our work is an absolute necessity for the successful completion of a design concept – detailed construction drawings, specifications and bill of quantities. Taking a large part of the table work time, these technical drawings will also incorporate electricity, plumbing, sewage and structural requirements. Construction drawings in turn will help us prepare a detailed bill of quantities which can then be handed out to potential builder teams for competitive quotes.

The fourth part is follow-up. Though armed with a full set of drawings, the builder’s team may be new to some of the materials and building techniques we have specified. Our regular on site supervision captures problems before they get too big. Quick solutions are found for unexpected issues that are bound to come up as the construction proceeds.