I am an architect living in Auroville, South India since 1994. I got my architecture graduate degree from the Goa University in 1993 and began my career as an apprentice in Auroville.

I started my practice in 1995 and have since designed residential, commercial and institutional projects in South India. My experience covers various building techniques – traditional, conventional and alternative and as an overall work ethic, my designs encourage resource conservation by including energy efficiency and water conservation strategies and by reducing environmental impact through the use of local materials and alternative construction techniques.
I love my work and am passionate about encouraging, through my work, a symbiotic relationship between nature, buildings and its users.

Being in Auroville puts me at the very center of ongoing experimentations in the various aspects of architecture. Many of the building materials and technologies we use are tried and tested here. The ease with which we focus on eco-friendly architecture, climate responsive designs, integration with natural surroundings and cost-effective buildings, is largely due to my being in direct contact with the knowledge bank in this community.
The team
A core group of four – architect, civil engineer, draftsperson and coordinator, we pull in the necessary skills into our team by hand picking other consultants from within the Auroville community according to project requirements. What the client gets is a one-stop service where we are the platform that manages different disciplines of a project such as structural engineering, building services, waste management, landscaping, interiors etc.